African Affairs Tin Canister
African Affairs Tin Canister

African Affairs Tin Canister

“I’m in love!” cried the girl. “With this land and its enchanted inhabitants.” And there she stayed—whiling the days away with the majestic lion, with the giraffe who brought her flowers, and with the gorilla who knitted for her. The meerkats brewed redbush tea with cacao beans. So tantalising were the aromas... that they roused her from slumber! Was it but a dream? One sip of our rooibos tea and you’ll be transported to this place of wonders.

Ingredients Rooibos Tea, Grapes, Truffle Flavour, Cocoa Kernels
Aroma Smoky like a fine espresso, with a hint of chocolate truffles to provide exquisite balance
Flavour A smooth and silky rooibos, made all the more irresistible by chocolate and vanilla notes.
Caffeine Level

  • Water
  • Tea Leaves
    1 Teaspoon
  • Temperature
  • Brewing Time
    5 minutes