Dragon Pearl Jasmine
Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Premium Chinese Tea | Dragon Pearl Jasmine

Each “pearl” is made from the finest jasmine flowers with unfermented green tea leaves. The choicest leaves are harvested during mid-Summer and many stringent steps are then applied to ensure the refreshing floral fragrance is fully infused into the tea. This is a tea so precious, even the dragons have given up chasing the good old flaming pearl.

Ingredients Organic Jasmine Tea (Green Tea, Jasmine flower parts)
Aroma Just like fresh jasmine!
Flavour A full-bodied green tea with a refreshingly sweet taste, followed by a pleasant jasmine aftertaste that lingers.
Caffeine Level

  • Water
  • Tea Leaves
    1 Teaspoon
  • Temperature
    80 °C
  • Brewing Time
    3-5 minutes